From $300 and a dream to a one-stop shop: The story of IPWebMedia

Susannah Hutcheson (5 min. read), 07 Mar 2019, 10:25 am UTC

Inspire – that’s what we do at IPWebMedia.

inspire  in-ˈspī(-ə)r

(verb): to fill someone with confidence and desire to do something; to draw forth or bring out

Inspire – that’s what we do at IPWebMedia. 

Technically, IPWebMedia was born when we started our Los Angeles office in 2012. When you really break it down though, our roots were put down back when our CEO, Pavel Ilii, was a little boy in Moldova with a dream to do more, see more, and be more.

Pavel immigrated to the United States in 2006 from Eastern Europe with a suitcase and $300 in his pocket. The little boy with the crazy dreams was now ready to chase all of those passions and make big things happen. A couple businesses later, he had figured out the game that so many businesses struggle to play – how to brand, how to build a digital presence, how to market – but Pavel had also figured out how hard it was to just… get everything done.


And, so, IPWebMedia was born: a true one-stop-shop for those looking to build their online presence, to advertise, to brand their companies, to design their websites. Not only do we do everything well, we do it with heart and we do it to inspire – to inspire growth, to inspire community, to inspire passion, and to inspire creativity. 

We office out of Los Angeles, and for almost seven years now the mission has been the same: to build more than just businesses. We’re the opposite of a cold-hearted corporation. Instead, you have over 50 beating hearts working tirelessly to make your company’s dreams come true. Regardless of your industry, we’re here to help you grow, and we stand by our promise of always, always meeting our commitments to you – there’s truly nothing more important to us, and we refuse to relax until we know you’re happy.

Almost 90% of our clients are referral clients, which speaks to how we can turn the impossible into possible – and do it well.

Helping you reach new heights is why we’re here. We don’t see the need for a tangle of companies who all do something different – instead, we just do it all. If your company needs a hand with advertising and marketing, we help with everything from SEO and social media marketing to product development and content marketing. If you want us to do the heavy lifting for your website, we can do everything from web design and e-commerce to web hosting and software testing.

Wanting to build an app? We offer everything from UI/UX design and prototype development to custom framework and app testing. We also offer IT consulting, agile project development, and software engineers.

"We have over 50 beating hearts working tirelessly to make your company’s dreams come true."

Simply put? We’ve got you.

Over the years, we’ve helped companies like Disney, American Airlines, Uber, Airbnb, and Greenpeace craft their messages, inspire their customers, and grow into better versions of themselves. No matter how big or small you are, we want to help you grow.

We do the heavy lifting so that you can do the flying.

Work with us.